• Tysmenytsia District Council
    Tysmenytsia District Council
  • Lypivka village
    Lypivka village
  • Kryivka, Klubivtsi village
    Kryivka, Klubivtsi village
  • Pshenychnyky village
    Pshenychnyky village
  • Spirit Well, Yezupil settlement
    Spirit Well, Yezupil settlement
  • Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, Pohonia village
  • The spiritual complex in the village of Novi Kryvotuly
    The spiritual complex in the village of Novi Kryvotuly
  • Taras Shevchenko monument , Lysets settlement
    Taras Shevchenko monument , Lysets settlement
  • The sculpture Guardian Angel on the road Tysmenytsia-Ivano-Frankivsk
    The sculpture Guardian Angel on the road Tysmenytsia-Ivano-Frankivsk
  • The monument of  Vasyl Savchuk nick
    The monument of Vasyl Savchuk nick "Steel", the head of OUN-UPA Bukovyna in the village of Yamnytsia

The standing committees of the district Council

- Budget Committee:

Roman Krutyi - head of committee

Halyna Brynzei - deputy head of committee

Nataliia Sokoliuk - secretary of committee

Committee members:

Roman Mokhniak

Bohdan Palahitskyi

Oleksandra Stefinko

Mykhailo Fershtei

Mariia Shcherbiak


- Committee on the socio-economic development, the functioning of social and cultural facilities, implementation of regulatory policy, small, medium business and investment:

Vasyl Hovzan - head of committee

Volodymyr Tsapai - deputy head of committee

Nadiia Stakhniuk - secretary of committee

Committee members:

Yurii Protsenko

Ruslan Farmus


- Committee on the development of local government administrative-territorial structure, regulations, deputy activity and ethics, human rights, law and order:

Vasyl Tsaruk - head of committee

Yaroslav Yefimchuk - deputy head of committee

Liubomyr Yakubiv - secretary of committee

Committee members:

Vasyl Heiko

Volodymyr Semeniv

Stepan Masliak


- Committee on Humanitarian Policy and Freedom of Speech:

Volodymyr Zanyk  - head of committee

Petro Rusyniak  - deputy head of committee

Oksana Melnyk - secretary of committee

Committee members:

Ihor Demkiv

Mykhailo Zelinskyi

Ihor Ivanyshyn

Mykhailo Mahun

Mariia Fedorniak 


- Committee on Health Care, Maternity and childhood, social protection and support to families of ATO:

Myroslav Lutchyn - head of committee

Mykhailo Yurkevyc - deputy head of committee

Iryna Boiarska - secretary of committee

Committee members:

Oleksandr Bunyk 

Mykhailo Dmytryk


- Committee on development of the village, agricultural policy, regulation of land relations, life safety, ecology and rational nature:

Vasyl Melnyk - head of committee

Mykola Ivanenko - deputy head of committee

Ivan Makar - secretary of committee

Committee members:

Vasyl Vasylyshyn

Yaroslav Demianets

Oleh Drahanchuk

Ihor Lytvynets

Roman Melnyk

Vasyl Rymyk

Ivan Tymchuk

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